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    Through Glass

    As you can tell by my pen name on this blog, I like my camera. In fact, I love my camera. And there is nothing I like more than learning new tricks with my camera. So it was with this in mind that I found my self on the South Bank one sunny evening after work, with camera bag over my shoulder, looking for a guy called Paul. You see I had recently been given a voucher for an evening of photography tuition from Paul Hames. If you check out his website you will see that he is quite a gifted photographer. Our intrepid guide, Paul. We met in the South Bank…

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    Video time: Saturday is caption day

    Every week when is time for the #SatCap i am posting pictures with my girls. Almost every week really….hope is not very boring for you. This week however i am choosing to post a video – still my my baby daughter now 8 months old though. Below you can see Anastasia having a go at a piece of cucumber. I just love seeing her develop and starting to grasp better with her little hands.  Plus she has two little teeth now so it is a lot easier for her munch and chew. Mummy loves her so so much! You can see her teeth better here: What do you think? Can…

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    The days of our lives

    Since my leg is in a cast we spend most days in the house. One reason will be that I can’t carry Anastasia in my arms so when my parents are not at home I prefer to keep the girls inside. The other reason is the fact that is very sunny and hot during the day and both girls have light skin so i keep them inside to protect them. I think they both miss being outside more like I used to take them out in London – no matter the weather. But despite my leg being immobilised I’m trying to make their days as fun as possible – we…

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    My eldest daughter – boogie as we call her is a very imaginative child. She loves role playing and her imagination surprises me all the time. What do you think she was up to in this picture below?

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    Sister love

    Our life as a family changed at the beginning of December forever. We used to be a family of 3 and we are now a family of 4. We now have not only one beautiful little girl but two. I’m happy. It just feels perfect. Now our family is complete. I have a sister and she’s my best friend although we lie in different countries. I hope my daughters will be best friends. Nobody will love you more and unconditionally. And I’m happy to say that my eldest already shows how much she loves her baby sister. It’s lovely when good and new changes are happening! 

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    You talking to me?

    Finally this last week we took some more pictures with Baby A. I love this picture below! Is just like she’s looking straight into my eyes. She looks so mature holding her head up. I can’t believe she is 6 weeks old already. Time is definately passing way too fast! I just want it to stop just for a little bit if possible. I’m linking this post with the #Satcap and #SocialPix linkys-you can also find this photo on Instagram.