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    Satcap 15/9

    Can you give me a capture for the picture below? Capture the ducks! LOL   For more visit Mammasaurus Blog. The picture she put up for today it’s rather amusing! LOL!

  • Photography

    Saturday is caption day – 25/8

    Saturday…a very rainy one this weekend! Pretty annoying actually! But because is Saturday it means it’s caption day! Today I have the below picture for you: So what do you say? Do you have a caption for my picture? For more pictures why not go over Mammasaurus blog My first photo blog.

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    Tiger in Majorca

    As you all know we’ve been on holiday in Majorca last week. My daughter loved it. She especially loved the Mini Club at the hotel because they were doing face painting. Every day she wanted to be something else but her absolute favourite and ours was the one below – the tiger: Happy Saturday!

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    Satcap 28/4

    Happy Saturday everybody! It’s raining in London so it’s pretty depressing but we are trying to have fun and play at home too: If you have a caption for my picture please feel free to comment. For more press on the badge below to be redirected to Mammasaurus blog:

  • Family Stories

    Pretty messy

    Today i have a special picture from you. This picture was taken when my daughter was only 10 months. We love it and i hope you have a funny caption for it too! For more picture head over to Mammasaurus Blog.