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    The Gallery: World Photography Day

    Monday was World Photography Day and to celebrate this day The Gallery Theme that Tara set is inspired by it. As she says in her post we have to take one picture – this time of anything we would like to commemorate this day. Well…i have a confession…the picture above was not taken by me. It was taken by my hubby. I am not sure i told you about it before but he is very passionate about photography and he would like to someday make a living out of it. I love the picture above as is just so simple and perfect. A bike – a trip that was, a…

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    The Gallery: Relax…

    Today i am joining in again with The Gallery linky hosted on the Sticky fingers blog. It’s been a while as it happens…maybe because this linky starts in the middle of the week and i seem to get really busy on Wednesdays. But this week the theme resonates with me a lot – Relax…I don’t really know how to do that… I am always surrounded by my kids and my family. They are all quite demanding so it’s quite hard to relax. Before i had my girls relaxing meant that i would get away from everybody and everything , sit on a bench in a park and watch the sky or…

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    Baby A is 7 months old

    Anastasia turned 7 months on the 2nd of July and day by day she is becoming more alert and into what is going on around her. She enjoys playing with her toys as well. Especially the ones that make noises and have music. She even dances on them by moving her little bum – something that looks like shuffling. That being said I really need to film her when she is dancing like this. For today’s I have a series of pictures and a video of Anastasia talking with her doll – one that is as big as her 🙂

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    My little tomato

    Last weekend we went out to Dean City Farm as my eldest daughter wanted to go for a pony ride. It was miserable outside though so we didn’t stay very long. But..while we were there boogie had fun. She loved her pony ride and playing around expeacially pretending to be a tomato. I’m linking this picture with the #SocialPix linky on Love all blogs. The picture was previously shared via Instagram last week.  

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    I can’t believe I am a mum of two now. My oldest daughter has a sister now. She s really proud of it although still a bit jealous. This week I took a picture that just melts my heart away:

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    Satcap 12/5

    This saturday i have a picture from our wedding for you 🙂 So have a go and make it funny if you wish 🙂 For more fun pics hope over at Mammasaurus Blog!

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    Satcap 5/5

    Saturday is Caption Day! The picture that i have today was taken in Brussels 4 years ago. I think it is quite funny so if you have a caption please go on and comment. Hey you! Stop for a second! Mrs Fish!!!! For more pictures head over at Mammasaurus Blog. The picture she posted today is fantastic!