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    Siblings – The Summer Edition

    It’s been a really busy summer and I really can’t believe how fast it flown by, We spent almost a month in UK and since we’ve been home we had so much fun. We spent most of our time going to the beach, visiting friends and going out at the park and…let’s not forget we had lots of parties. I guess time spent like this with a couple kids will never be boring. I took lots of pictures while we were out and about in UK – lots of memories to look at. My favourite two pictures are the below:   I love how happy both girls look in both…

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    These last couple of week I’ve been really quiet I know and I apologise for it. You see I am trying to finally get a driving license so this is what kept me away from the blog. My time was spent between caring and looking after my daughters and studying. I am happy to say that I passed my theoretic part yesterday with the maximum of points so it was worth it! Now I am waiting for the practice part to come in two weeks time….   My eldest was also on holiday from school s really had my hands full. We’ve been trying to catch up with learning letters…

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    Discovering nature – a photo shoot with my 19 month old

    Discovering nature as a child…do you remember? My youngest daughter Anastasia loves spending time in the garden and outdoors as a general rule really. We moved here when she was 5 months old so she grow up surrounded mostly by nature rather than blocks like her sister. Besides spending time¬†discovering her surroundings in the garden we visit the space outside too….The nearest park is 2 minutes walk away and the other one only 5. She loves watching the world passing by when she is in the pushchair but she loves analysing the stones, the leaves, the flowers and the water from the fountain too. She is the most sociable child…

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    Blue eyes Anastasia

    It’s been a while since I shared a picture with my baby Anastasia. I guess because i’ve been looking after the girls mostly by myself i just run out of the time during the weekend and then it past by and just forget to do it? But anyway this week I went out for a walk around the park ¬†with Anastasia and I managed to take some pictures. One of them is this one with my baby girl in the pushchair eating: The picture makes me smile and i hope it will make you smile too and maybe you can find a caption for it too.

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    Capture the colour by Kara

    When i first heard about the Capture the colour competition i thought: Wow how cool! Kara loves taking pictures and i am sure she would absolutely love to explore her surroundings and take pictures. She did but not as much as i thought and because the cold weather came faster than i thought the opportunities of good pictures were less and less. I wanted to still enter and then every day i would remind her that she needs to take pictures with the colours of the rainbow. First reaction was to get excited but then she would get upset and say that she doesn’t have anything to take pictures with…So…