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    I’m HERE

    I am HERE. And it feels like I’ll always be HERE. For you. For them. For the others. Sometimes it feels that I’m not HERE for me. Although I know I’m happy, the way I change every day scares me. I’m growing. Older with each day. And I’m not special. I thought I was that special person for you. But the days, months and years are passing as fast as the leaves are thrown in the air by the wind. And with each passing day. I’m losing my trust in your words. I’m HERE. And I’ll always be for them. But I wonder how long I’ll be HERE for you……

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    Sometimes the days are flying fast Sometimes time is on repeat Sometimes I long for you Sometimes I just don’t want you Sometimes I feel your arms around me Sometimes I feel you’re gone…forever… Sometimes I’m happy Sometimes I’m sad Sometimes I laugh Sometimes I cry Sometimes I long for you Sometimes I don’t… Sometimes you come Sometimes you go… Sometimes I love you Sometimes I don’t.,, Do you?

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    Words of Wisdom 21/5

    I am happy to write my WOW this week! I’m always happy to open myself to you..obviously the words of wisdom I choose every week reflect me and my feelings…sometimes they are good feelings and sometimes they are less good feelings…but all in all…writing this post every week helps me go through it…pass the bad moments in my life… My last week was full of up and downs like usual…I had days when I was over the moon with happiness and I had days when I could’ve cried endlessly…when I felt empty…like this bench… So here are my Words of Wisdom for today…The simple keys of life by shimmering Dawn…

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    Mihai Eminescu and his heritage

    Mihai Eminescu is the national poet of Romania.  His poems will be read by young people in schools and not only for years and years to come. He was born on January 15,1850, in Botosani in the Province of Moldavia. As his is just around the corner i thought i should share with you my love for his poetry. Mihai Eminescu was highly intelligent,an avid reader,and had a wide range of interests. At the age of 14 he ran away with a theatre company and traveled throughout Romania.  At the age of 16 he was already interested in the Romanian language and culture, and published his first poem. Between 1869-1972…