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    How Education Quizzes can help my bilingual girls

    You all know that I am trying as much to raise my girls bilingual although we now live far from mother England and their dad only comes for a couple of weeks every two months. It is hard especially when I have to make sure they know Romanian well enough to help them in school and nursery. My eldest is Year 1 now and although this is her third year in this country she only started now to think in Romanian. Until about a year ago she was thinking in English, translating in Romanian and only after answer or speak. It must’ve been exhausted for her poor thing. Now she easily…

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    Mummy Quiz

    Before my child can fall asleep I have to… Getting boogie prepared for her sleep its been daddy’s “thing” since about a year ago and I rarely put her to sleep now. Feeling guilty as I am writing this. But…we always watch a couple of Peppa Pig episodes. We give each other kisses and cuddle before I lay her in the cot and tuck her in but daddy reads her a story – so he is the one that sees her last. One thing I do that makes my child laugh is… Boogie loves being tickled and she will even take my hand and direct me to whatever she would…