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    Carrot Cake

    It is not the first time I am baking a carrot cake but it is definitely the first time I am really happy with the way it tastes and looks.   This is by far my daughters favourite cake. Every time there is a celebration – birthday, Easter, Christmas etc. – my girls ask for this cake and I can’t blame them really.   The flavour brought by the carrots combine with walnuts and the cream cheese cream is just sublime! I can say that this will be our family cake.   I made this for Easter so its quite a while since then – you will have to forgive…

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    Sugar Free Lemonade

    Now I did call this a lemonade in the title but this drink actually has more orange juice than lemon juice. However I still consider this a lemonade as the lemon is the one that comes through when drinking it. Ingredients for the lemonade(for about 1l): 2 lemon 4 oranges 2 tbsp runny honey sparkly water to top up First wash and cut the lemons and oranges in half. Using a lemon squeezer and an orange one squeeze the juice out of the fruits in a big enough container. My hubby got me the squeezers below and I love them. They can be found everywhere(Amazon, Dinghams) at the moment and…

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    Red velvet cupcakes

    I baked these cupcakes a while ago but never really found the time to write about them. But now that we are about to celebrate the orthodox Easter I thought it will be a good opportunity. When I look at the pictures I get the feeling of fresh and spring so if you already celebrated Easter I am sure that you could still bake the cupcakes and decorate them for Spring instead. Well that if you actually see any signs of spring where you are 🙂 Here we still have a lot of rain and it’s still chilli – not at all like spring I must say. 5.0 from 1…

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    Low calorie apple and cinnamon muffins

      A while ago I was sent some of the best ingredients and asked to replicate one of the recipes from the Baking Mad website. And so I did. Tried out the recipe for apple and cinnamon muffins. You can of course find the recipe on their website by clicking the last link above. However, I had to adjust the ingredients as the ingredients didn’t come together quite well. I added a tiny bit more flour – 50g – as the batter was a bit too floppy and I was afraid that they will not raise. I still baked some muffins where I didn’t add the extra flour and they…

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    Minty Bark

    The first time I heard about bark was when I just moved to UK.  As you imagine it was the first time I tried it too. It was simple and yummy. Never thought again about this kind of dessert but this year my eldest insisted on making a dessert together for Easter. I thought hard but I know that she usually gets quite bored of mixing things and sitting next to me so something simple had to be made. This is when I turned to my laptop and my so loved Pinterest. I love using Pinterest for inspiration. I found lots of recipes that I loved one of which is this and…