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    Top 10 things you should know before visiting Romania

    Romania is a beautiful country. It really needs to be more appreciated by people that live here and of course by people that visit. Compared ┬áto 12 years ago when you rarely met a foreigner visiting my country(one of them is now my husband haha), Romania’s visitors certainly increased in the last couple of years. Some of our really good friends in UK visit Romania at least once a year and that is not because they come and visit us. They sometimes come to Romania to go skiing in the Carpathian Mountains or to sunbath on the beach along side the Black Sea. Yes, we do have a lot to…

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    Romania – the good, the bad, the ugly

    Romania is a beautiful country. I love my country. Even Prince Charles loves my country. He comes to visit Transilvania at least once a year. He even owns a couple of nice houses here and helps in promoting the Carpathian mountains in UK and all over the world. Watch the video “Wild Carpathia” to which Prince Charles contributed with more than just an interview. You can listen to watch his majesty says about my country from minute 41. It is great that this video was made and because of the charity you can hear about in the video is enabling the kids to learn more about nature and how to…