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    Top 10 things you should know before visiting Romania

    Romania is a beautiful country. It really needs to be more appreciated by people that live here and of course by people that visit. Compared  to 12 years ago when you rarely met a foreigner visiting my country(one of them is now my husband haha), Romania’s visitors certainly increased in the last couple of years. Some of our really good friends in UK visit Romania at least once a year and that is not because they come and visit us. They sometimes come to Romania to go skiing in the Carpathian Mountains or to sunbath on the beach along side the Black Sea. Yes, we do have a lot to…

  • Wafers with caramel and nuts
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    Wafers with caramel and nuts

        This is a romanian recipe that romanian kids love and of course my english girls love it too. They can’t get enough of it but I don’t make it very often because it contains quite a lot of sugar for my taste and for what I like them to have. The wafers are not perfect as this is the first time I’m making the caramel cream on an electric hob. But here it is the recipe. Ingredients:  250g chopped walnuts 400g caster sugar 150ml water 150g icing sugar 4 eggs 200g of butter 1 packet wafer sheets 1 tbsp of vanilla extract Start by mixing half of the sugar…

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    An intelligent cake

    Every time we come to Romania my mum makes this cake. It is very light so it is my husband favourite. I should say that this cake is my mum signature at the moment. I tried to make it too but for some reason i just can’t make it as nice as her. I need to practice and get my technique right i think. If you would like to give it a try here is the recipe. Ingredients: 9 eggs 9 tbsp of plain flour 1 liter of milk 300 gr caster sugar 4 tsp vanilla sugar 200 gr unsalted sugar Preparation: Preheat the oven to 180 C. Separate the…

  • Romanian bean soup #recipe
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    Romanian bean soup

    The bean soup – “Ciorba de fasole” – is probably one of the most traditional dishes in Romania. It’s easy to make and everybody knows how to do it. Women anyway. Ingredients for about 4 portions: -250 g white beans; -a big onion; -one big carrot; -one small parsnip; -one small celery root; -one red pepper; -one tsp of sweet paprika; -one tbsp of tomato paste(optional) – a pinch of dried thyme; -salt; -3 tbsp of oil; Wash the beans and put them to boil. The water just needs to cover slightly the beans and no more. Boil until the skin starts to become wrinkled. At that point change the…

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    Romanian biscuits

    This is a recipe that my grandmother used sometimes to make biscuits. Very simple and with not many ingredients but it tastes delicious and can be moulded and decorated in different ways. Ingredients: – 3 eggs – 3 cups of sugar ( I only put 1 1/2 cups of sugar as I prefer them not as sweet) – 3 cups of oil – 6 cups of plain flour (you can add one more if you think that the composition is too runny at the end though) – the zest of one lemon – one teaspoon of baking powder – the juicy of half a lemon – one teaspoon of vanilla…

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    Pregnancy with a cold

    Last Friday was my last day at work for at least a couple of months. I had plans to start blogging more this week and to make the most of my week of and go for a manicure and pedicure and even meet up with friends. Unfortunately the only day when I was able to do something was Monday – going out to Ibis hotel – and I will tell you more about that in a different post. So what is stopping me from doing what I want?!? This awful awful cold that I have! Snotty nose and sore throat plussed by leaky eyes and cough and a bit of…