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    Romanian doughnuts

    Today I have for you another recipe from my mum – donuts. Unfortunately I’m not well enough to stand up and cook because of my leg these days so my mum is doing most of the cooking. I’m just helping her at the moment. Here is her recipe for donuts and believe me they are unbelievable yummy! Ingredients: 1kg of self raising flour 100 ml vegetable oil 3 eggs 6 tbsp of sugar 50 g of fresh yeast 500 ml of warm milk 1/2 tsp ammonia bicarbonate 1 pinch of salt Other props you need: A big and deep frying pan 500 ml of vegetable oil for frying Rolling pin…

  • pasca recipe
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    Pasca recipe

    This is a recipe that my mum usually prepares for Easter. It’s easy and there’s no kneading required.The perfect recipe for me really as as you know I don’t do we’ll kneading   Ingredients: 700 gr cottage cheese6 large eggs400 g sour cream200 g butter (room temperature)200 g sugar4 tablespoons semolina4 tablespoons flour200 gr raisinsseeds from a vanilla pod or just vanilla essence Preheat the oven at 180 C.Start by breaking the 6 eggs and adding them to a big bowl. Add the sugar and vanilla and mix well with a mixer.On top of the egg and sugar mixture add the cottage cheese and mix well again. This time you…

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    Scovergi – Another Romanian Recipe

    Scovergi. I’ve been thinking at how to translate the name but I just don’t think there is a word to describe them in English. It’s like an appetiser maybe? My grandmother used to make them as a treat on a Sunday afternoon usually. Served warm with jam they are really yummy. Ingredients for about 10 scovergi: • 500 g flour • 15 g fresh yeast (or 1 pack dry yeast) • 300 ml water • 1 teaspoon salt • ½ teaspoon sugar Preparation: Mixing all these ingredients will give you a bread like dough. So mix the flour,yeast,water,sugar and salt until all mixed and the dough stops being sticky on…