• Routine always works
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    Routine always works

    I believe strongly that making sure you are establishing a good routine for your kids at a very early age it will help you and them greatly. I am not one of the most organised people when it comes to other things but regarding my kids and their nap times and bedtime I am. I had Kara on a routine from the beginning and when Anastasia was born I knew that I will need to do the same. Of course in the first couple of days and weeks you can’t expect a new born to just follow it. But then later after 6-8 it will be different. Babies and kids…

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    Every morning….

    Every morning from Monday to Friday I wake up at around 6 am to a perfect cup of cappuccino made by husband. While sitting up on the bed my hubby brings my daughter to me. Sometimes she is happy to see me and hugs me. Sometimes she just wants her “milky” and completely ignores me until she finishes it. Then while we cuddle she demands cartoon…and I give in every day. Long gone are the days when I used to just sit there and enjoy morning TV and “Daybreak”. While we are just lounging in bed still my husband is running around to prepare for work. He needs to be…