• Blue eyes Anastasia

    It’s been a while since I shared a picture with my baby Anastasia. I guess because i’ve been looking after the girls mostly by myself i just run out of the time during the weekend and then it past by and just forget to do it? But anyway this week I went out for a walk around the park  with Anastasia and I managed to take some pictures. One of them is this one with my baby girl in the pushchair eating: The picture makes me smile and i hope it will make you smile too and maybe you can find a caption for it too.

  • Soft skin with Dove Pure and Sensitive (Review)

    Ever since she was able to buy Dove my mum was a declared fan of the brand. I remember that we still used other brands more expensive then Dove while mum was going on and on about how good and how soft her skin is because she is using them. Soon enough though I started  using Dove and realised how right my mum was. Dove is not only a soap like people might think. Dove is a Cream Bar. And believe me my skin really need it when i was a teenager and needs it even more now that my body is full of scars from going through two pregnancies So as…

  • Roarrrr!!!

    Happy Saturday!!! For Saturday is caption day I give you this picture with boogie: Can you caption the picture?

  • You talking to me?

    Finally this last week we took some more pictures with Baby A. I love this picture below! Is just like she’s looking straight into my eyes. She looks so mature holding her head up. I can’t believe she is 6 weeks old already. Time is definately passing way too fast! I just want it to stop just for a little bit if possible. I’m linking this post with the #Satcap and #SocialPix linkys-you can also find this photo on Instagram.  

  • My boogie is growing

    Today I don’t have a lot to say really. All I want to do is share this picture with you. I took a while ago and post it on Facebook. I just can’t believe how much my boogie has grown! She almost a little lady! Please time slow down! I need more time to enjoy the childhood of my girls. I’m linking this picture with the below linkys: Hope is ok and I didn’t break any rules putting them together. Happy weekend!

  • Satcap 17/11

    Happy Saturday! Today I’m posting my photo late as I am not having the best of the days and plus I couldn’t really sleep last night. My Braxton Hicks are getting stronger and stronger. Plus I full of worries…. Anyway yesterday my daughter and I had fun out and about. Below is one of the pictures I took with my phone:   Do you have a caption for it?