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    Baby A is 7 months old

    Anastasia turned 7 months on the 2nd of July and day by day she is becoming more alert and into what is going on around her. She enjoys playing with her toys as well. Especially the ones that make noises and have music. She even dances on them by moving her little bum – something that looks like shuffling. That being said I really need to film her when she is dancing like this. For today’s I have a series of pictures and a video of Anastasia talking with her doll – one that is as big as her 🙂

  • Photography

    Saturday is caption day 1/12

    The picture i am sharing with you today is more than 3 years old. I used to have dressing up my daughter since she was only a couple of days old. In the picture below she is 4 months old and probably quite annoyed with how many pictures her mummy was taking. Would love if you could give us a caption for it too.