• Lazy Ways To Save Money Around The House
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    Lazy Ways To Save Money Around The House

    People are often careless about how they spend their money. Within a few days of getting paid, many of us have spent most of what we earned. This can cause serious long-term money problems, making it impossible for you to reach your financial goals. Improving your finances can seem like a lot of hard work, which is why many of us avoid doing so. Thankfully, there are ideas you can try, which take very little effort. With that in mind, here are six lazy ways to save money.  Pick A Different Job The long drives many of us take to work each morning are costly, as well as frustrating. To…

  • How to be frugal

    How to Stop Living from One Payday to The Next

    No-one likes living payday to payday. When you’re left with £5 to cover all of your expenses at the end of each month after you’ve accidentally over-spent on entertainment and other costs in the weeks before, you can find yourself in a position of serious stress and discomfort. In fact, you might even have to tap into other sources of money to keep you going, meaning that you have more debt to worry about next month. 1.  Learn How to Budget  It’s stressful to feel as though you never have enough money to live life the way you would like to. The good news is that there are things you…