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    Words of Wisdom – 21/1

    Today I received in the post the Thinking slimmer – Slimpod plus 14. So tonight I will go to sleep with Trevor and his Drop to Jeans Sizes Slimpod! I rather excited! I spent the last hour or so completing my Handbook and reading the Thinking Slimmer website. There are so many stories there of mummy bloggers that lost weight losing the Slimpod! I have to say that I am a bit…maybe more than a bit sceptic about this whole listening and slimming thing. However I do hope is going to work! At the moment I weigh 16st and usually wear size 16-18 clothes. I am hoping that using this…

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    WOW 19/1

    Today I’ve done something just for me! Today I bought Slimpod Plus 14 CD. I am so happy! I know I should’ve done it before but just didn’t find the power in me somehow. It’s like I was afraid of the change??? But after reading so many blog post from other mums that tried it then I said this might be my chance to be me again! So the words of wisdom for today are not coming from a book: Take a step to change your life in better. You will feel little better about yourself.