• 5 Simple Ways To Rock Instagram
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    5 Simple Ways To Rock Instagram

    One of the social media platforms that I love dearly is Instagram! Lately i’ve been spending quite a while on it. Instagram gives us the easiest way to share bit of our life without having to spend a long time writing a blog post for example. I still love blogging but this summer I found myself so wrapped up in activities with my girls that blogging was left a bit behind. I have almost 900 followers on Instagram and although this is not a lot compared to other fellow bloggers I prefer it like this. I follow the same people and because there are not that many I can interact…

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    Blogging: Where to Start & Ways to Promote Your Content

    I started blogging a bit over four years ago and since then I learned quite a lot of things about what it means to be a blogger. When I started I didn’t consider all the things that included life as a blogger – the things I know now for example. I started blogging because I wanted to have somewhere to vent, speak about my feelings, a place of my own. I never ever considered that someone will actually read , like and follow this blog. I never considered/ I don’t consider myself a successful blogger (at least not as successful as other fantastic bloggers out there that really have a…