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    Red velvet cupcakes

    I baked these cupcakes a while ago but never really found the time to write about them. But now that we are about to celebrate the orthodox Easter I thought it will be a good opportunity. When I look at the pictures I get the feeling of fresh and spring so if you already celebrated Easter I am sure that you could still bake the cupcakes and decorate them for Spring instead. Well that if you actually see any signs of spring where you are šŸ™‚ Here we still have a lot of rain and it’s still chilli – not at all like spring I must say. 5.0 from 1…

  • snowdrops

    Ways to Celebrate the Woman in Your Life

    Spring is getting closer and closer, which means that the time to celebrate women across the world is near. In Romania, we celebrate the arrival of spring on 1st of March by giving small presents to the women in our life. These presents could be something small called “martisor” or simply a bouquet of flowers. Everybody is to receive a gift – from the youngest to the eldest. I remember that when I was a child, my dad use to buy my sister and I snowdrops, andĀ freesias for my mum.   It was a nice way to start spring, and asĀ freesias are my mum’s favourite flowers she was always really…

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    Spring is in my garden

    Spring is here now. Cold days , warm days , hot days..they alternate and I never know how should i dress myself or the girls. There are days when I am scared to take the girls out because I don’t want them to catch a cold again. Last time was pretty bad so don’t want the bad times to comeback. We had some really beautiful days when daddy was here though. Days when we went out to the BIG PARK ( you will hear about it soon ) and days when we just sat in the garden and watched the bees flying around andĀ Ā pollinatingĀ the flowers. It’s what I see when…

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    Make your Mother happy with Morrisons flower gifts

    I love March! It’s the beginning of spring and new beginnings! During March we celebrate Mother’s Day and The International Day of Women. In Romania we celebrate Mother’s Day and International Day on the same date on the 8th of March. That’s tomorrow. I am hoping my hubby will not forget again this year. Lol. Even if he forgets he can still make it better on the 10th of March when Mother’s Day is celebrated in England! But look what I received as a surprise today: It’s beautiful isn’t it? I’m such a lucky lady! Morrison’s are spoiling me again! Kara loves flowers so she was way excited when they…

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    March traditions and celebrations in Romania

    In my home country Romania, spring starts on 1st of March with the celebration of Martisor. But Martisor is not the only tradition for the month of March. We also have “Babele” and “40 Mucenici” and the 8th of March which is “Mother’s Day”. Babele The first 9 days of March are called ā€œBabeā€ and as you can imagine they are very important for Romanians. I grow up following all the Romanian traditions as taught by my grandmother and she was also very religious. This tradition persuades every single person to pick a day and if that day will be beautiful and sunny then it means that the rest of…