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    Boeuf Salad

    This salad is tasty and can be found in the Romanian houses all the way through the winter. It is served usually as a starter and to me is one of the dishes that reminds me of Christmas! However it is quite refreshing so you can always cook it for the summer. For this recipe you will need to bold the below root vegetables: – potato – whole in its skin; – carrot; – parsnip; Boil until they are really well cooked but not too much. When finished empty the water from the pan and leave it to cool. As you can see I didn’t put any quantities because it…

  • mititei
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    Mititei – Little grilled sausages (The Wee Ones)

    It is time for another recipe for one of our unique Romanian dishes. “Mititei” have been associated with Romanian cuisine since about 1865-1866. In Bucharest, on Covaci street, a popular inn named “La Iordachi” (At Iordachi’s), was well known for its delicious sausages. One night, so the story goes, the kitchen ran out of one kind of sausage, so they mixed the ingredients left over, roll them into small sausage shaped patties, and grilled them on charcoal without the usual casing. Their regular customers loved them so much that they asked for more of “the wee ones without skin” and with time they became known as “mititei” or “the wee…

  • Romanian Traditions

    St. Nicholas Celebration in Romania

    “Sfantul Nicolae” – this is the romanian translation for Saint Nicholas. As a kid i use to love this celebration more than the Christmas celebration! I use to get more excited about the whole thing. Even though it is a deeply religious celebration…but a Romanian legend says that on the 6th of December Nicholas (form the Greek Nicholaos, the winner) used to share gifts to children, to the poor and to the faithful. From that day on, the Christian world has the tradition of giving presents to friends, children, to the ones in need. Today, the meaning of this tradition is that ‘giving a gift makes you richer, not poorer’.…

  • Side Dishes

    Mamaliga- Polenta

    The recipes for “mamaliga” are numerous and vary with the region, the ingredients available or afforded and imagination. It is easy to prepare,inexpensive and delicious. Usually eaten by itself as a main dish it can also be served as a side dish with vegetables,meat,fish or chicken. In general it is classified as soft or hard mush,boiled,fried or baked. It is commonly cooked or served with cheese, usually cheeses made from ewe milk, such as “Telemea” (you can substitute this with the feta cheese) or “Cascaval”( which can be substitute with Kaseri or Italian Pecorino. The “mamaliga” used to be a substitute for bread which use to be a luxury in…

  • Eggplant Salad

    Eggplant salad – Salata de vinete

    I am Romanian and I always wanted to share with you a few of our traditional recipes. I think now is time to start and i would love to start with my sister’s favorite recipe – Salata de vinete- like we say in Romanian. I found that my husband doesn’t like this salad but it might be because he doesn’t enjoy eggplant anyway… So here you go..for this recipe we need: 2 medium eggplants, about 1-1.5 lbs(try and buy eggplants that are long and slim not round-it is easier to cook) 1tbsp. salt 1/2 cup olive oil the juice of 1 lemon 1/2 onion – chopped finely 8 black olive(optional if you…