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    Top 5 reasons why Jackson Hole – Wyoming is perfect for a family getaway

    We love travelling as a family and we always look for suitable places for us – where we could go and where we could all enjoy it. You know what I mean – somewhere where kids can play and parents can relax. Plus we all like to go out and discover so walks are a priority for us. This is why I felt thatĀ Jackson Hole cabin rentals could be really good for us as a family and for any other families that look for the same things as us. I am sure you will think the same if you only had a look at their website or on their Instagram…

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    Tips for a stress free journey with kids

    This year was the first time I experienced travelling by plane with two kids. Back in March we flew to Paris but my husband was with me so supposedly things were a little bit easier. This june I done it all by myself – just me and two kids: a 31 month old and a 6 years old. I must confess that both time I was really worried but it end up being a lot better than I expected. And believe me it was pretty hard especially on the way back from UK as my youngest was full of an eczema from a penicillin allergy. Things are a little bit…

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    Bracknell is not London

    I stated the obvious didn’t I? As you know we used to live in South West London until a couple of years ago when me and my two girls moved back for a while to my hometown – Medgidia,Romania. It was a hard move and the transition…oh my…from a busy working life to a “quiet” life as stay at home mum. Well if you are like me you know that life with kids is never dull and boring or quiet is just different isn’t it. So when it was time to comeback and visit daddy (until now he was the one making the trip to Romania) we were all very…