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    Chocolate face

    This year this mummy didn’t cook any easter traditional food. Daddy was not at home so..instead I left it all the mercy of my parents. They cooked all the food and I mostly baked – one carrot cake, 48 cupcakes and one box full of minty bark.  And on top I bought them lots and lots of chocolate eggs and bunnies! It was let’s the sweet apocalypse before the DIET starts again! The girls loved it though and mummy was happy for them to be happy! Even Anastasia enjoyed eating them although I had to make sure she was eating them while sitting in the high chair as otherwise her little…

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    Expressions – “Phone conversation”

    Ever since she was a baby Kara was very expressive. Her grimaces used to bring us tears of laugh in our eyes! There was no surprise when her sister proved to be as expressive as she is! So when I heard about my fellow friend and blogger Helen new photo linky Expressions I knew that is one I really need to join in with! Today I have some pictures with my youngest – Anastasia who although she is still recovering after her illness and time in hospital still manages to play and make me smile. Hope it will make you smile too:

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    Saying goodbye is the hardest thing….

    It’s almost a week since you left again. As soon as I get used to you being here and with me you have to go. Although I know this is something that we need to do…I still feel inconsolably sad when you go. The moments when I miss you the most is when the girls need me both at the same time and when they go to sleep. Then I find myself alone, in the living room…usually keeping my dear laptop in my arms. Some days we talk some days we don’t. Although is not that late yet and our eldest is still not in bed thinking of how alone…

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    How To Create The Ultimate Easter Themed Biscuits With Ready To Roll Icing

    Easter is a holiday that’s perfect for baking and cake making. Something about the bright colours and the Easter eggs and bunnies theme lends itself to cake making and biscuit baking. So we decided to show you how to make the ultimate Easter themed biscuits with ready to roll icing. First you’ll need to make a basic shortbread mix to make your biscuits. To make 10 biscuits for sharing you’ll need: 125g of butter 55g of caster sugar 180g of plain flour A nice easy recipe that uses ingredients you’re sure to have in your cupboard. Then: Preheat your oven to 190oC Cream together the butter and the sugar. You…

  • Spring Salad
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    Spring Salad with Italian Dressing

    I am sure I mentioned that I am now trying to change the way I eat in order to change the way I look. Only lost just a bit over a stone in the last two months but I am on the right path. I was hoping to lose a bit more weight but there were times when I indulge myself to eat cake and chips so i should not complain I guess. This salad that I am telling you about today is one that I’ve been eating quite a lot these last couple of months – easy to make and healthy and even my girls enjoy eating it. I am…