• Family Stories

    Baby A is “walking”(video time)

    Ok. She’s not really walking properly but she walks around the furniture, she’s walking when she is pushing her walker or her wood chair…so i guess this is walking or is just called cruising? I am not sure but wanted to mark the change in my daughter’s development with a video. I am still learning the art of the videos and i am only using my Iphone camera so it is not very good…Hopefully for Christmas i will get a camera…wink wink to hubby?

  • Family Stories

    9 months full of play, joy and love

    ┬áMy little Baby A the one that i got so worried about after i just gave her birth is growing up fast and thriving. She is a happy baby. She smiles at everybody and always wants to play. She mostly loves playing with her 4 year old sister. When Kara plays with her she laughs soundly. And when she laughs i feel like the happiest person alive. I love her! And i love her sister! Seeing my baby girls playing with each other and laughing with other is the best thing ever. It makes my heart melt, it makes me warm inside, it makes me happy and makes me feel…

  • My thoughts and sorrows


    Do you know the song “Better” sang by Boyzone? I love the song! I think that it describes very well the relationship that my husband and I have right now. The fall in love time is long past-around 5-6 years ago it was a different deal. We didn’t have kids or responsibilities. I was only 24 years old,I had a job that was paying my bills and that’s about it. We were together but unsure of how our future will look like. And we didn’t worry too much either. He was on a break living in a foreign country with his mates. I was young and aspiring to a fulfilling…