• Baby Anastasia – 10 months old

    Anastasia is 10 months old today and one thing is clear – she is almost not a baby anymore. Her personality started to bloom and i now know for sure that like her sister she will become a lovely little child stubborn but beautiful. She still has blue eyes and i hope that they will remain blue. Her sisters are greener like her daddy’s and although they are still beautiful it will be great if at least Anastasia will keep the blue. Every day my two girls are playing nicer and nicer together. It’s so nice to see. It is one of the things my sister and i never had…

  • Baby A – 6 weeks old(video)

    Time passes fast and my baby is growing too. She even start smiling this week as well. Here is a video with Baby A in the crib showing us a little smile and “playing” in her crib: Looking forward to see her growing!