• My thoughts and sorrows

    Things that had to be told

    I am finding it quite hard to get back to writing on this blog. I don’t know why…It might be because I don’t know in which direction to take this blog or I am just afraid to expose myself and my feelings like I used to. All feels very strange though. My girls are bigger now and the issues I had with parenting when I started this blog no longer exist. I am not a parenting guru don’t get me wrong but I think I am simply more relaxed when it comes to parenting my girls and I just prefer to live and enjoy my life with them rather than…

  • snowdrops

    Ways to Celebrate the Woman in Your Life

    Spring is getting closer and closer, which means that the time to celebrate women across the world is near. In Romania, we celebrate the arrival of spring on 1st of March by giving small presents to the women in our life. These presents could be something small called “martisor” or simply a bouquet of flowers. Everybody is to receive a gift – from the youngest to the eldest. I remember that when I was a child, my dad use to buy my sister and I snowdrops, and freesias for my mum.   It was a nice way to start spring, and as freesias are my mum’s favourite flowers she was always really…

  • Family Stories,  My thoughts and sorrows


    My TWO MUMS…my mum and my grandmother – “mamaia” in Romanian. Two wonderful women that always gave me their love and not only…I love my mum a lot and I still miss my grandmother… my grandmother Milica … she left this world 3 years ago… It’s still so unbelievable…I will always think of her I always think of what she will say and how proud she will be… I will always regret I didn’t get to say goodbye….my heart hurts… I will always regret that she didn’t get to meet my daughter Kara. She would’ve loved her! And my daughter would’ve loved my “mamaia”… My mum suffered so much when…