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    Changing work patterns

    The way people work today changes more and more. The 9-5 Monday to Friday are no longer the usual especially for new parents. Some give up work all together because the childcare is just way too expensive to afford working, some look for options to work from home , other cut their hours and work part-time. As you know I kind of work from home at the moment although I am on the lookout for a more stable work opportunity. My husband is working away and has a lot to lose when it comes to family life. But it’s what we have to do at the moment. I would’ve love…

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    I’m a workaholic

    As you know last week I had been signed off work by my doctor. The abdominal pains that I had were stopping me from not only enjoying the pregnancy but from going to work and doing any effort what so ever. So..last week I stayed 4 days at home in bed. The only time I went out was to take my daughter to nursery in the morning. I wished I could’ve kept her at home with me but as we are paying for it full time and as I couldn’t really entertain her or be there for her taking her to nursery was the best thing. She wanted to go…

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    Every morning….

    Every morning from Monday to Friday I wake up at around 6 am to a perfect cup of cappuccino made by husband. While sitting up on the bed my hubby brings my daughter to me. Sometimes she is happy to see me and hugs me. Sometimes she just wants her “milky” and completely ignores me until she finishes it. Then while we cuddle she demands cartoon…and I give in every day. Long gone are the days when I used to just sit there and enjoy morning TV and “Daybreak”. While we are just lounging in bed still my husband is running around to prepare for work. He needs to be…

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    I keep thinking…and feeling guilty…Will this feeling ever go away?!? I want to make a change and spend more time with my daughter but then…we will not earn enough to survive and give her everything she needs. I mean you know we want to move to Romania but then that will not happen in the very near future.., What can I do In the meantime? Sometimes it happens not to see her when I get home in the evenings…and then when I drop her off in the mornings she cries and doesn’t want to go to nursery… There are times when I run out of the nursery as otherwise I…

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    Why? Oh why?!?

    Those of you that have toddlers already know how is like to be asked “Why” all the time. However, today Is the first time I experienced it! My daughter is 3 years old but until now she never really ask WHY so many times. This morning as we were preparing to leave for nursery we had this conversation(in English because even though my 1st language is Romanian my daughters is English and whatever I will do she will still answer in English): Mummy – come on sweetheart its time to go to nursery Boogie – go to nursery? Why? M – Because you like it there and because mummy and…

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    Life in London by FrenchYummyMummy

    This week saturday guest post came my way from the lovely Muriel that blogs over at  www.FrenchYummyMummy.com. Muriel is a lovely and bubbly lady. Go over and visit her blog too and i will bet her quirky way will put a smile on your face. She can be found on twitter to as @frenchyummymummy.  Here is her take on Life in London:   I moved to London 8 years ago. Basically, this means that I am not French any longer, because whenever I go back I don’t fit in. For starters, everybody is sulking there. Not nice. But I am not British yet. I might get a British passport eventually, but,…

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    Words of Wisdom – 13/1

    Phew! Today was even more challenging then yesterday! I actually had a moment when I exploded today because someone was just stepping on my nerves! But…then I went out after work with my Romanian friend and colleague Cristina! We had a couple of drinks,we chat and then had a meal! How nice after being bothered by those ugly and annoying person! Anyway is now almost 10 PM and my words of wisdom for today are: When someone get in your space and annoys you with their being just say…STOP! Don’t let yourself influenced by negativity! Is NOT GOOD FOR YOU! Author: me I guess