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    A Dad’s Survival Guide to Working Away from Home

    Working away from home can be a lonely life. Spending days, weeks or even months away from your family can be heart wrenching. So, having done it for the last 6 years, what have I done to get me through these periods. As people have said to me many times, ‘How do you do it?’ Well you do what you have to do in this modern world, you work where you have to work and go where you have to go. But how do you manage while being away? How do you get through the times when loneliness takes hold of you? How do you get through the times of…

  • Working at home VS working away
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    Working at home VS working away

    It’s not the first time I am talking on this blog about my working status. You all know by now that for the past 4 years I’ve been at home looking after my two daughters and for the past two years i’ve mostly earned my living by working as a Freelance Digital/Social Media Manager. I am very lucky to be able to be around all the time for my girls especially when their dad is away most of the time. To be able to earn a little bit extra it’s just perfect as it lets me spoil and save a little for our future. However, I do sometimes miss getting…