I am sure that it is probably the first time you hear about Webstock 2013 (if you are British).

Well it is OK though as i didn’t know before i came to Romania either.

Webstock 2013 is the most important blogging conference. It looks like only the good ones – bloggers and social media people are getting to take part.

This is why i was chuffed when the call came on Thursday announcing me that i am one of the accredited bloggers invited to take part at the conference.

Looks like it is going to be a big deal and i am absolutely terrified.

As you know i’ve been to conferences in UK but…that doesn’t help…

I have no idea what i am going to wear…jeans…dress…naked…

Plus it looks like there is going to be a party in the evening too.

At the moment i don’t even know when i am going Thursday night or Friday morning…Coming back Friday afternoon or do i stay at the party and comeback Saturday morning?

Am i going to leave my girls with my parents? What will i do about breastfeeding?

Oh…so many questions and i have no answers!

I should probably give myself a couple of slaps, man up and decide exactly what i am going to do!

The only thing i know is that i want to go and i am going to go. That is decided…the rest…i have a couple more days to decide i guess!

The event organised by Evensys and the venue of the conference is the JW Marriott Grand Hotel. 



 I just wish i had enough money to stay at their hotel for a night….

If i stay an evening in Bucharest then i can spend some time with my sister too and even visit my friend that lives there with her husband. That would be so cool.

I am looking forward to it i think. It will be scary as i have no idea how everything goes and they definitely know what they are doing as it is their 6th blogging conference,

I don’t know anybody online or real life…and i am usually very timid in real life so…

Argh…will see…

I will keep you updated with my tweets i guess!

Fingers crosses everything will go well.

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