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    My boogie and her bear-bear

    Saturday. This day always feels better even though we usually wake up very early in the morning still for a weekend day anyway. Last night I felt really really low but today is a new day and it looks like its going to be a nice weekend. The weekend of course starts with you captions. Here’s one picture that hubby took the other week with boogie: Hope the caption will not be hard. For more pop over to Mammasaurus for a bit of fun and jolly.

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    Saturday is caption day – 25/8

    Saturday…a very rainy one this weekend! Pretty annoying actually! But because is Saturday it means it’s caption day! Today I have the below picture for you: So what do you say? Do you have a caption for my picture? For more pictures why not go over Mammasaurus blog My first photo blog.

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    Satcap 14/7 – Memory lane

    Hope you all had a nice week. Mine was so and so. Today for the Satcap Day i have an older picture. It’s from last year. You already know the drill so if you have a caption for it i would love to read it: Satcap is hosted by Mammasaurus so why not go over for some more fun.

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    Saturday!!!! Oh…this last week was sooo long! Our holiday in Majorca seems such a long time ago and it was only a month ago! Today i have a picture that i took on holiday with….my hubby. I thought it is time to be featured again so here you go: So now i dare you to find a caption for my picture! Can you? Don’t forget to go over to Annie’s Blog as she put up a picture with her hubby! Enjoy!

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    Satcap 30/6

    A bit later than usual with my satcap today but better then never i guess. This picture was taken while on holiday in Majorca: So if you have a caption please go on and leave me a comment. Have a great rest of the weekend! This week the Satcap is hosted by the one and only Jenny Paulin – Mummy Mishaps because Annie is on holiday.  

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    Tiger in Majorca

    As you all know we’ve been on holiday in Majorca last week. My daughter loved it. She especially loved the Mini Club at the hotel because they were doing face painting. Every day she wanted to be something else but her absolute favourite and ours was the one below – the tiger: Happy Saturday!