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    Satcap 5/5

    Saturday is Caption Day! The picture that i have today was taken in Brussels 4 years ago. I think it is quite funny so if you have a caption please go on and comment. Hey you! Stop for a second! Mrs Fish!!!! For more pictures head over at Mammasaurus Blog. The picture she posted today is fantastic!

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    Satcap 28/4

    Happy Saturday everybody! It’s raining in London so it’s pretty depressing but we are trying to have fun and play at home too: If you have a caption for my picture please feel free to comment. For more press on the badge below to be redirected to Mammasaurus blog:

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    Satcap 24/3

    This week Satcap: Would love to hear your captions for the below picture which is taken at the London Aqaurium. For more pictures head over to Mammasaurus:

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    Words of Wisdom 4/3

    New beginnings…Life never stays the same..is always changing…sometimes into good and sometimes into bad things. My hubby started a new job today which is a good thing. However by taking a pay cut this will mean that we will struggle for a while at least…From now on I will always drop my daughter to nursery (the hard part) and my hubby will pick her up(the nice part). I quite like these New Beginnings Quotes and I hope you do: “Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it.Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”~Goethe~ “People become really quite remarkable when they startthinking that they can do things. When…

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    My words of wisdom

    The week that just passed was quite a busy one….events, days out and the Baby Show! I met new people and learned new things. I even learned new things about myself. I do wonder how a 31 year old woman can still learn things about herself but it happened. Writing it – a 31 year old woman- doesn’t actually feel like I’m talking about myself! When the hell I got to call myself a woman?!? I feel like I’m suddenly this woman I’m not even recognising…I don’t look like I thought and wished I would look in my 30’s! Why? ¬†Why do we grow up so fast? This weekend I…