My husband and I really enjoy camping. When we become parents we decided that we will take our kids camping too. Holidays are so much better than being stuck in a hotel room. A very good alternative to camping are the Alfresco holidays though. I look at it as the half way between camping and hotels. A much better alternative actually because you can stay up while your kids are sleeping.
I find that when we stay at a hotel my daughter is either wending up staying up too late or us as parents have to go early to sleep .

Anyway, the reason I’m writing you today is because I want to share with you my favourite dish to cook when we are camping during summer.
After a hot and sunny day I like to prepare this spinach salad with herbs omelette.
It’s easy and it doesn’t require a lot of actual cooking.


Ingredients for the salad:
– spinach leaves(I use the already washed and packed ones);
– cucumber – sliced;
– cherry tomatoes sliced in half;
– feta cheese – cut in cubes;
– cashew nuts – toasted;
– balsamic glaze – I buy it from Sainsbury’s;

The preparation is simple. You just lay the spinach leaves in a bowl, then the cucumber,tomatoes,feta cheese and cashew nuts. You add the glaze just before you are ready to eat.

Ingredients for the omelette:
– eggs – now it depends how many people are eating;I usually have two and hubby three;
– fresh or dry herbs of your choice- I use parsley as I love the taste of it and its quite a Romanian thing;

Mix all together and fry in a pan.

Ta-da! Dinner is served!

Wasn’t that easy?

The salad is quite good to eat with barbecued meat as well.

Disclosure: This recipe is my own but I have received goods for it.

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