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    Bran – A place like no other

    When I am in the mountains I feel like I am finally home. I was born near the seaside and one would think that the sea should maybe be where I like it best. But it’s not. The green of the trees, the fresh air,the kindness of the people you can find up there…all makes me feel more alive and like life it’s worth living. Saying that I can’t quite believe it that this year I visited the mountains after a 10 year long absence. Bran “city” is full of history and stories about Dracula but as I said that’s not what attracts me. After we visited Bran Castle we…

  • Bran Castle, Brasov
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    A family visit to Bran Castle

    Time has a wonderful way of showing what matters. And so these last couple of months time (life) show me that it is important to give my all to my family. Although I do need to find some balance between time given to the family and time given to myself I couldn’t agree more with the fact that time shown me that my girls and my hubby really needed me these last couple of weeks. But about that in a different post. I am now here to tell you about Bran Castle – a proof that time really show us what matters. I am sure that most of you heard…

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    How to enjoy a family break to Las Vegas

    Combining hot, desert weather with an easy-to-reach location, Las Vegas can be a fine choice for a family break. The city has sought to become a more family-oriented holiday destination in recent years and a good place to begin enjoying it is at the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in the Bellagio Hotel-Casino, at 3600 South Las Vegas Boulevard. This has free admission and is open 24 hours a day, offering stunning visuals with trees, flowers and plants alongside bridges, lighthouses and gazebos. Following this, children will likely be in the mood for something more energetic, and Touring M&M’s World at 3785 Las Vegas Boulevard will certainly provide that. A mix…

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    Walt Disney Studios – Disneyland Paris

    My favourite part while at Disneyland Paris back in march was the visit to Walt Disney Studios. I really enjoy the ride through with the bus and visiting the props and lets not forget hearing things about the special effects used in movies. Lots of photos in this post but I really hope you enjoy them! Hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures. I didn’t take that many pics as I thought that you will enjoy a movie more especially at the part where the special effects are demonstrated. Prepare you will be surprised: Be up to date with our travels by subscribing to this blog or by simply subscribing to…

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    Disneyland Paris – Around and the playground

      I promised you that I will tell you everything about our trip there and I almost did but I still have a few things to tell you about. If you want to relax and let your children get wild but not just sit in some queue then you should definitely just take a walk alongside the river and watch the birds or just pay a visit to the Disneyland playground. Love how this birdie looks straight at the camera like she is asking…”What are you doing with that big black thing?” The above is just outside Disneyland Paris really but if you stay at any of the hotels from the…

  • Peppa and George
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    A day out at Peppa Pig World

    Cartoons are a big part of children’s world – they are like movies for adults. Imagine being told you are only allowed to watch half an hour of your movie a day…that would be pretty much ridiculous don’t you think? I know people and studies say that we shouldn’t allow children under 3 to watch TV but I do let my youngest watch cartoon and I did it for my eldest too. I do however make sure that the cartoons they watch are as much as possible educational. Cartoons like Peppa Pig or Ben and Holly or Baby TV are some of the cartoons/channels my 2-year-old is allowed to watch.…

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    Ideal Places for Family Vacations

    If you are planning to take your children on vacation with you in the near future, the list of destinations you should consider will be very different than if you were taking a vacation with your significant other. When children will be along for the ride, you need to be sure that they are adequately entertained. Otherwise, you could be setting yourself up for some serious problems, and some very disappointed children. Therefore, you will need to do some planning to make sure you choose a destination that has family friendly entertainment, but also keeps the adults interested as well. There are many websites you can use to find a…