• Words of Wisdom – 14/1

    Hello my lovelies! Today I have something to confess! Today is the day when I didn’t step out my house ! I didn’t even go to take the trash out! Usually it’s daddy’s job to take the trash anyway. Instead while Hubby and Boogie went to swimming I stayed at home and clean, cook and baked! If you want the recipe for the muffins above you can find it here. It is a Nigella insipired recipe. Anyway all in all I had a nice day! Then in the afternoon hubby went supermarket shopping and I stayed home with my daughter. She is not feeling very well so it was better…

  • Words of Wisdom – 13/1

    Phew! Today was even more challenging then yesterday! I actually had a moment when I exploded today because someone was just stepping on my nerves! But…then I went out after work with my Romanian friend and colleague Cristina! We had a couple of drinks,we chat and then had a meal! How nice after being bothered by those ugly and annoying person! Anyway is now almost 10 PM and my words of wisdom for today are: When someone get in your space and annoys you with their being just say…STOP! Don’t let yourself influenced by negativity! Is NOT GOOD FOR YOU! Author: me I guess

  • Weird and pointless {WOW – 12/1}

    Have no idea what I want to say to you today….This morning I felt so happy and content… But as the day passed everything just became weird and pointless… My day was so stressful and at some point I actually cried! I feel a bit occurred and ashamed to admit it…but I did it! I’d not the first time when it happens but I thought that this stopped. I put too much soul in what I do and…then….I cry under stress… Why do I do it to myself? Why do I get so implicated I don’t know! In a way the cry helped me because then i felt quite refreshed!…

  • Time to relax {WOW – 11/1}

    Body massage! This is one thing I absolutely love! I love getting pampered and if somebody will ever offer me a massage I will never say NO! Well depends if you were a man and not my husband I will probably say no. Chuckle! So…this is why I didn’t say no when my friend and colleague Katja offered me one. You see she is training to become a professional masseur but while she is doing it she has to give 2 people a week a massage (for free) to practice. So the lucky me had a massage tonight. And a free one by the way! Hm…and it was good! I…

  • Happiness {WOW – 10/1}

    Hope you all had a nice day today. Mine was kind of okay. Nothing very bad or very good either just normal. A normal day at work – at least nobody moaned at me anymore… At home – boogie was quite cute,even though we left her without nappy and she pooped on the floor. Daddy was a bit disappointed but it’s only been a week since we start potty training. Anyway my Words of Wisdom for today are from a Chinese Proverb: “If you want happiness for an hour ? take a nap. If you want happiness for a day ? go fishing. If you want happiness for a year…

  • Words of Wisdom – 9/1

    I don’t have many things to say today…only that Mark Twain words below made me feel a bit happier today: To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence. Sometimes is worth ignoring bad things or people in your life that make You feel down and unhappy. Try to get away from any negative that attacks your life. Negative energy is not Good for anybody.  

  • Words of Wisdom – 8/1

    End of the week and the Words of wisdom for today are: The future looks brighter in the eyes of a child.   Unknown Not sure who said that or is just an unknown sating – if you do not please write me. I would love to know. Here is the picture below: