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    Words of Wisdom – 8/1

    End of the week and the Words of wisdom for today are: The future looks brighter in the eyes of a child.   Unknown Not sure who said that or is just an unknown sating – if you do not please write me. I would love to know. Here is the picture below:  

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    Words of Wisdom

    Words of wisdom – 1/1

    Tonight I decided that I will set myself a challenge. I hope that this will not get turn against me…however…the world of blogs is full of weekly or daily meme’s. This is why I decided to set my own self challenge: At the end of every single day I will post a quote/a famous saying/or just simple words that meant something for me that day. Sometimes they might be followed by a picture – depends if I will find one for that particular day… I am going to try to post every day but if I don’t maybe I had a bad day or something…anyway…this is just a challenge I…