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    Words of Wisdom – 15/1

    Can’t believe weekend is almost finished! I’m telling you 2 days I not enough! Why do we have to work 5 days and rest 2? I think that for families it should be the other way around. Anyway….something like this might help: a walk in the park, playing with your child and drinking a yummy cup of cappuccino can make you feel better!

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    Time to relax {WOW – 11/1}

    Body massage! This is one thing I absolutely love! I love getting pampered and if somebody will ever offer me a massage I will never say NO! Well depends if you were a man and not my husband I will probably say no. Chuckle! So…this is why I didn’t say no when my friend and colleague Katja offered me one. You see she is training to become a professional masseur but while she is doing it she has to give 2 people a week a massage (for free) to practice. So the lucky me had a massage tonight. And a free one by the way! Hm…and it was good! I…

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    Words of Wisdom – 9/1

    I don’t have many things to say today…only that Mark Twain words below made me feel a bit happier today: To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence. Sometimes is worth ignoring bad things or people in your life that make You feel down and unhappy. Try to get away from any negative that attacks your life. Negative energy is not Good for anybody.  

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    10 Reasons I LOVE my husband for….

    Don’t laugh! If you already read my previous post 10 Things I hate my hubby for.. then you will know why I have to write this post as well LOL Well I just don’t want to be misinterpreted and let you think that I actually hate my husband. So here it is – I love my husband because: 1. He loves me back! 2. He loves me the way I am – slim, pregnant or fat! 3. Because he is the best dad in the world! 4. He is a DOG person like me – we both hate cats! 5. We like the same kind of music – ok ok…