• Keep Your Car On The Road For Longer With These Tips
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    Keep Your Car On The Road For Longer With These Tips

    The average cost of a family car in Britain is £12,919 which is a substantial amount of money to most families. No one wants to be forking out this sort of money regularly, so it is essential to make sure that your car is maintained and on the road for as long as possible. It is thought that the average Brit spends around £40,000 on repairing and servicing cars over the course of their lifetime – and we want to help you to reduce this and save your money! Here, we share a few tips for keeping your car on the road for as long as possible. Put it in…

  • Lazy Ways To Save Money Around The House
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    Lazy Ways To Save Money Around The House

    People are often careless about how they spend their money. Within a few days of getting paid, many of us have spent most of what we earned. This can cause serious long-term money problems, making it impossible for you to reach your financial goals. Improving your finances can seem like a lot of hard work, which is why many of us avoid doing so. Thankfully, there are ideas you can try, which take very little effort. With that in mind, here are six lazy ways to save money.  Pick A Different Job The long drives many of us take to work each morning are costly, as well as frustrating. To…

  • Top Ways to Make your Home Eco-Friendly
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    Top Ways to Make your Home Eco-Friendly

    Being more Eco-friendly in everything we do is more than important than ever. We all want Earth to have a future and our kids and the generations to come to still live on beautiful, green planet. There’s been more disasters than ever in the last couple of years – Amazon more recent – and our kids are more conscious than we ever been and they know we all need to do our best to protect nature. My eldest at only 10 years old discuss on the subject with her friends and they are scared. They are scared because they don’t know if adults will do everything they have to to…

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    6 Money-Saving Hacks To Help You Reach Your Goals

    When you’re trying to reach your financial goals quickly, it’s important to learn how to save money fast, and cut your spending as much as possible. The more you save, the easier it will be to reach your targets without having to give up on doing the things that you love.  Whether you’re hoping to find a way to pay off your debt quicker, or you want to save aside enough money to go on a holiday with your family, there are plenty of ways that you can speed up your strategy. Here are just some of the money-saving hacks that we recommend.  Go Digital You probably use your smartphone for…

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    Sure Fire Ways To Plan The Perfect Family Road Trip

    A road trip a la Thelma and Louise is the stuff of dreams for the youth of today. The thought of hot footing it on an adventure with your best pal, being spontaneous and throwing caution to the wind can make for the most exciting vacation. However, you shouldn’t neglect the idea of a road trip when you have waved goodbye to your youthful good looks and you’ve said hello to a young brood and spouse. The thought of a family road trip could fill you with dread. The idea of having two or more offspring in the back seat whining, ‘Are we there yet?’ over and over again is…

  • Kids Cooking
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    Subjects Which Should Be Taught At School

    School is one of the most important experiences of our lives. From the age of 3 until 18, we are put through our paces learning about science, maths and the english language.  There are a lot of subjects which are taught in school which are very useful and help us develop as people in our early years – but there are also a lot of things we aren’t taught about which could impact our lives as we grow into adulthood. Today I want to take a look at some of the top subjects which should be taught to all children during their school years.  1. Nutrition Healthy eating is the…

  • 3 Ways to Keep Kids Active During the Summer Holidays
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    3 Ways to Keep Kids Active During the Summer Holidays

     Summer holidays are great, because more sunshine means more time outside, instead of being crowded inside with toys and gadgets!  For children, their school holidays are often what makes their childhood. If not planned carefully, however, the costs of various events and activities can add up very quickly! It’s no surprise that boredom and spending extra money around the holidays can cause a strain on even the happiest of families. Time off school can also mean that kids forget how to learn. Don’t let your kids become TV zombies!  Here are some fun, inexpensive (and some FREE!)  summer projects and activities for children, to help them to learn, develop, and…