• Why it’s Never too Late to Follow Your Career Dreams
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    Why it’s Never too Late to Follow Your Career Dreams

    Many people dream about their ideal career but never take the steps towards making it a reality. Between raising children, concerns over financial security and dealing with the demands of daily life, your dream career may seem like an impossibility, but it doesn’t have to be.  Whether you lack the confidence, don’t have the time, or think it’s too late, here’s why now could be the perfect opportunity to pursue your dream career. You’re Constantly Growing As a person, you’re constantly learning and experiencing new things. In all likelihood, you’ve reached achievements that you never thought you could, and overcome situations you didn’t think you’d be able to. Even now,…

  • Be Inspired By Scandinavian Style This Christmas

    Be Inspired By Scandinavian Style This Christmas

    When we think of classic Christmas scenes, our minds are immediately drawn to snow, pine trees and reindeer. So it comes as no surprise that Scandinavian styles are inspiring us a lot this year when it comes to decorate our home. It’s the kind of place which doesn’t even have try hard to feel like Christmas. As a result, the Scandinavian style is simple and natural. So a few small touches here and there can have your home feeling more festive in minutes. Have a read to get yourself feeling inspired for some decoration ideas. Pine Tree Of course, most homes have a Christmas tree in them. However, have you…

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    How to decorate a bedroom your child will love

    There are plenty of milestone moments in a mother’s life. The first is when she finds out she’s going to have a child. Then there’s things like the first step, the first word, and a whole host of other “firsts” you’ll want to capture on camera. Before you know it, your child will have grown out of the nursery you painstakingly designed for him or her when you first found out you were expecting, and they’ll be looking for something newThe question is, how do you design the perfect bedroom for a youngster who’s tastes, and preferences are totally different to your own? The following tips might just be able…

  • 8 easy DIY tasks all mums should know
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    8 easy DIY tasks all mums should know

    Although my parents live next door, sometimes as single married mum I need to fix things around the home on my own. I must confess I don’t enjoy it at all but what can you do if a screw from a cupboard comes loose? Call the handyman? Or wait a month until your hubby comes back? So sometimes regardless of my hate to fixing things around the home I need to do it. Even the girls giggle when they see me do it as they know that I much prefer to bake a cake rather than do DIY. So if you are a single married mum like me , or…

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    What will happen to your pet after you pass?

    I have been a little preoccupied of late on my latest project. To say it is something a little unusual is the understatement of the week. In fact it’s not just a little unusual, but ever so slightly wrong, with a slight sprinkling of the un-natural about it. I am sure you have heard of the story of Frankenstein, the age old tale of man become God. I am sure you would agree that it is complete folly, science will never be able to reanimate dead human flesh. After all, humans are far too stubborn. Dogs on the other hand, far more obedient. Just this week I managed to reanimate…

  • 6 fantasy modes of transport that wed love to experience
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    6 fantasy modes of transport that we’d all love to experience

    Ever find yourself staring out the train window and daydreaming? Like you’re barely taking anything in the real world in. It captures us all from time to time, and as busy as I’ve been lately, a little reprieve from reality has been pretty welcome. I’m a little jealous of the little ones, whose minds are still open to other ways of getting around. But then I thought, hey – why should they have all the fun?! Imagine if some of the other ways of travelling from movies, books, games and other media were made real. If that sounds outlandish, don’t forget that blimps very nearly took off as a major…

  • The pros and cons of introducing a dog into the family

    The pros and cons of introducing a dog into the family

    Having kids means that at some point in their life they will definitely pop the question – Can I have a pet? or When can I have doggy?  We are dog lovers – my husband and I – but we decided, a while ago, that we had to wait until our girls were a bit older before acquiring them a dog. Some might say that our girls are old enough now – 4 and 7 – but we want them to be responsible enough and to be able to look after the dog by themselves. It’s not really fair for my eldest but we said that when she will turn 10 years…