The role of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

    A while ago I was writing here about my concerns regarding depression in children. As a sufferer(since I was a child)  I am always on the look out for any signs in my two little girls. My youngest is too little but every now and then I am scared that my eldest will go on the same path with me. She seems to worry a lot about everything and she has moments when she just wants to be alone way too often. While researching about depression I came across CAMHS and I was happy to see how it helps parents and children through this bad illness that is depression. Child and Adolescent Mental…

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    Ways to Celebrate the Woman in Your Life

    Spring is getting closer and closer, which means that the time to celebrate women across the world is near. In Romania, we celebrate the arrival of spring on 1st of March by giving small presents to the women in our life. These presents could be something small called “martisor” or simply a bouquet of flowers. Everybody is to receive a gift – from the youngest to the eldest. I remember that when I was a child, my dad use to buy my sister and I snowdrops, and freesias for my mum.   It was a nice way to start spring, and as freesias are my mum’s favourite flowers she was always really…

  • Life as a married single parent
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    Life as a married single parent

    Two years since we started this lifestyle and the questions are still asked… How do you manage parenting two girls all by yourself? Don’t you miss your husband? Don’t they miss their father? etc… etc… Of course we miss daddy and of course days can get really difficult single parenting but thankfully we have ways to survive through. I thought that would be nice to share my tips with you today and maybe there are women like me out there that need a little bit of help. Embrace your life Try and be as positive as you can. Look for the benefits in the situation and make the most of it.…

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    5 Valentine’s Day Ideas for New Parents

    Valentine’s is the perfect time to tell your loved one how much you love them and show them how much they mean to you. If you or your partner has recently given birth that might prefer a thoughtful gesture rather than a gift. Here are some of the most thoughtful things you can offer to a new parent on Valentine’s Day that will boast your love and let him or her know how much you care about them. Let your partner sleep in Is your partner constantly getting up in the night to provide for your child and then getting up early in the morning to see to your child…

  • How to be frugal by Cass Bailey
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    How to be frugal

    Today I am very excited to have a fantastic lady guest posting on my blog. She is one of the ladies that always inspires me through the way she lives her life and of course the advice she is giving the world through her blogs. So today I present you Cass Bailey: I’m Cass and you can usually find me over at The Diary of a Frugal Family or at Meal Planning Made Easy but today, the lovely Otilia has invited me to take over her lovely blog. Otilia asked me to share with you some of my top tips on how to be more frugal at home to save…

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    Prepare your house for the cold season

      The days of summer are gone right now… No more trips to the beach or walks to the park without the fear of rain. From now on the weather will be colder and the days with rain will be something normal. I wish i enjoyed my summer more than i did but with a foot in cast was somehow difficult.     So it is time to prepare for cold days and times when we are going to start using our central heating. But how can we can keep our home warm at all times while saving our pennies as well?   Isolation – If you didn’t do it…

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    StorkUp – social shopping experience

    You have probably already heard and read about StorkUp. Many of the mums I know in real life and online already use it. But in case you haven’t, please read on and i will tell you everything you need to know. First of all, StorkUp can make your life easier. Why? you may ask… Well, with so many shops on the high street, online mums and dads can get lost and confused. Plus if you are a busy mum like me you may prefer to do all your shopping online but expect quality as well. In 2011 two mums like me and you, Fiona and Claire, started a new and…