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    What will happen to your pet after you pass?

    I have been a little preoccupied of late on my latest project. To say it is something a little unusual is the understatement of the week. In fact it’s not just a little unusual, but ever so slightly wrong, with a slight sprinkling of the un-natural about it. I am sure you have heard of the story of Frankenstein, the age old tale of man become God. I am sure you would agree that it is complete folly, science will never be able to reanimate dead human flesh. After all, humans are far too stubborn. Dogs on the other hand, far more obedient. Just this week I managed to reanimate…

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    10 top style tips for Busy Mums

    I have never been that girl that received attention because she was dressed with style or following the latest fashion. I always dressed up to feel comfortable but it comes a time(and age) when you have to change something. Now that my size is still at “plus” I certainly need all the help I can get and I am sure that some of my readers will also appreciate the tips from this Chums infographic. These days is really hard for a woman(or anybody) to know what to wear for the transition into summer. This is why I love autumn so much – a pair of jeans or leggings and a sweater…

  • 6 fantasy modes of transport that wed love to experience
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    6 fantasy modes of transport that we’d all love to experience

    Ever find yourself staring out the train window and daydreaming? Like you’re barely taking anything in the real world in. It captures us all from time to time, and as busy as I’ve been lately, a little reprieve from reality has been pretty welcome. I’m a little jealous of the little ones, whose minds are still open to other ways of getting around. But then I thought, hey – why should they have all the fun?! Imagine if some of the other ways of travelling from movies, books, games and other media were made real. If that sounds outlandish, don’t forget that blimps very nearly took off as a major…

  • Throw on summer dresses for busy mums

    Throw on summer dresses for busy mums

    Lately I’ve got the summer vibe and have been looking into summer dresses. I want some that I can throw on when it’s a hot day as I know I’ll be running around after the children but I still want to look nice and feel a bit feminine. I’m also looking forward to my summer holiday so I’d like a few dresses that I can pack that will work for lots of different occasions. It’s so much easier with a dress as you only have to decide on the one thing to wear and not worry too much about what goes with what. Here are some of the favourite summer…

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    Why I chose to be a work at home mum

    Before I had kids I always imagined myself as a career woman. Over the years I moved from one job to another depending on where I lived. I worked as Human Resources Specialist, Warehouse Manager and in my last field as a full time job in Supply Chain Management. When my youngest was born and we moved closer to my parents I knew that none of the jobs mentioned above was possible. Thankfully, I already started to have a little bit of income through this blog which help greatly for a mum of two young children with her husband working away. However, at the moment advertising and sponsored posts through my…

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    A mother’s guide to making space in the home

    Taking care of the family and the home is always a lot of fun, but one issue that I am sure is familiar to all parents is how to make the most of whatever space we have in the home. And so I thought that I would compile a little list of some of the best ways that you can create a little extra space by using ottoman beds, going vertical and implementing special space-saving zones. I love ottoman beds by the way! They are great to hide stuff like blankets, duvets and extra pillows. Zonal living It’s a weird concept but I’ve found that if I divide a room…

  • How to design a lively and fun children bedroom
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    How to design a lively and fun children bedroom

    My girls don’t have a huge bedroom at the moment. We thought our house renovation will go a lot smoother and faster. It didn’t happen but we tried to make it as fun as possible for now by arranging it as they wanted and by building their furniture in their favourite colours.  They love their room despite being very small and I thought I’d share our top tips with you too!  Decorate using your child favourite colours. Or include them in the plans. His favourite colour might be black and you might have to work hard to make it work. Although a black board / chalk board where he can…