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    Mihai Eminescu and his heritage

    Mihai Eminescu is the national poet of Romania.  His poems will be read by young people in schools and not only for years and years to come. He was born on January 15,1850, in Botosani in the Province of Moldavia. As his is just around the corner i thought i should share with you my love for his poetry. Mihai Eminescu was highly intelligent,an avid reader,and had a wide range of interests. At the age of 14 he ran away with a theatre company and traveled throughout Romania.  At the age of 16 he was already interested in the Romanian language and culture, and published his first poem. Between 1869-1972…

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    And our love started with…..

                                                          Can’t take my Eyes of You! A song that means something special to me! I love this song! I loved it even more as my love story with my hubby started with this song! The first time we dance they were playing this song. Since then it stayed in my heart and every time i hear the melancholy takes over!I should probably mention that it was the first time we snogged!

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    Christmas Music

    Do you sing Christmas songs for your kids? I sing Romanian Christmas songs for my daughter but with the English songs I need help because as much as I try I don’t know them all… The lovely lady from Music For Baby sent me this fantastic cd with Christmas songs in english. Boogie loves music and she loves this cd as well! And she sings them as well because at nursery they are teaching them these songs! And I am thankful because my boogie and I can have fun singing these Christmas songs! And I love having fun with my little biggie! “BABY SING CHRISTMAS” is out now! So you…

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    My TWO MUMS…my mum and my grandmother – “mamaia” in Romanian. Two wonderful women that always gave me their love and not only…I love my mum a lot and I still miss my grandmother… my grandmother Milica … she left this world 3 years ago… It’s still so unbelievable…I will always think of her I always think of what she will say and how proud she will be… I will always regret I didn’t get to say goodbye….my heart hurts… I will always regret that she didn’t get to meet my daughter Kara. She would’ve loved her! And my daughter would’ve loved my “mamaia”… My mum suffered so much when…