Baby Anastasia is 10 weeks old

Time flies…it seems that all my posts about my kids start the same.
10 weeks since Anastasia came into this world. We had tough times. We had good times. When she smiles and cues all the bad is forgotten. I can’t explain in words how happy I feel! Kara shows how much she loves her sister more each day. Every time she gets next to her she kisses her. She says she can’t wait to play with her!
Anastasia is like a flower that is blooming a little bit more each day.
She’s more beautiful with each day passing.
She smiles and looks up so happily.
Some of my mummy friends say that she is so “grown-up” for her age. Ten weeks only and when laid on her front she crawls a little bit.
I’m not sure if I ever mention it here before but Anastasia is been sleeping on her belly/front since she was 3 weeks old. I know I was frighten as well.
Unfortunately we had no alternative…it was the only way she could settle to sleep. When put on her back she will only sleep for like 5 minutes and then wake up crying.
Swaddling didn’t work for her either…she was getting really upset and cried unconsolable.
I was scared the first time but since then she was able to keep her head up when on her front. She is actually very good at it now. Every night when she goes to sleep we put her on her front with her feet at the bottom of the crib. Because she crawls by the time she wakes up she reaches the other end with her head. That wakes her up sometimes. She’s sleeping well like that and we even had night when she slept 7 hours in a row from like 8-3 which for a 10 weeks old baby and breastfeed is very good.
They are good nights and bad nights of course but that’s is normal.
During the day she falls asleep in the most funny positions. Like in the video below she fell asleep sitting up in my leg and she started snoring as well!

That’s it for now. I’m hoping the rest of her life she will be as happy as she is now!

I love her more each day and every single minute i spend with my baby is so precious!

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  • MrsB

    So cute 🙂 And I wish I had let my babies sleep on their tummies, it comforts their tummies when it’s all unsettled in there having to ‘learn’ to digest milk. I think my sanity would have been saved by belly sleeping children….

  • MsXpat

    Awh bless, we girls really have to meet, she seem to be cut of the same cloth :0) Valentina has been sleeping on her tummy about the time as Anastasia (lovely name!) if as she could move her head from time to time and wiggle about to make herself comfy. Now 9wks and she is never in the same position I left her in, when she wakes for a feed, she usually on the opposite side of the cot that I put her and usually without her blank, lol.

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