A slice of Britain

These last 6 months were hard and tough and brilliant all at the same time.
The move, the distance, the leg, the depression, the change – everything affected me in so many different ways…mostly bad ways i guess. 
I had moments when i was crying so much i didn’t know if i will ever be able to stop. I had moments when i felt so low and lost that i just wanted to go and hide in a room…hole somewhere away from everything and everybody.
I know that this is my depression and anxiety talking but you understand what i mean.
But then i will turn to the social media and there i found my friends. 
The friends that i only met a little while ago – some online only but most of them in real life too. 
The support i got was amazing. 
It kept me strong and gave me the will to go forward when i was down and crying.
They understood me more that my family…
But these lovely friends are there to share a joke and laugh with too.
You know…. it’s like having a laugh and a joke over a cup of tea or even a glass of wine with 100 people all at the same time.
The only downside is the fact that we can’t really see each other…or unless the chat happens n Google chat.
But these lovely women that i am now telling the whole word that they will stay my friends forever make me another surprise:
A slice of Britain in my home! 
Thank you! As i am writing this i am enjoying a glass of the wine.
I miss you all very much and i hope to see you at the next Britmums conference!

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