My 2016 Sky Blanket

My 2016 Sky Blanket

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I know it is not the end of the year but I felt that this blanket was getting bigger than I need it. I simply had to stop and continue with my other project – Sun blanket.

I think I’ve done quite a good job don’t you think?

I know that I didn’t make a square for every single day but I did make my squares quite big though so it was quite difficult to keep up at some point. Instead of making the blanket even more bigger I just made a new white row around each of the squares, join them together using the same colour and made the edge of the blanket white too.

And I am quite please to it.

This year I also realised that I am just not made for a year around projects as I like to really invest time in my projects and get the finished project as soon as I can.

My youngest was quite happy with it and as soon as I finished and folded she relaxed her head on it:


The blanket is not perfect. I still have some ends to wave in and I am very scared that some of the squares are not perfectly ended so I might end up with some of the them being undone.

Now is also a bit dirty of red paint as my daughter lay her head on it. But hey…It is still a bit project and I am very proud of it.


To complete it followed Bella Coco tutorials and I strongly recommend them to all of you! If you would like to know which please check my YouTube list

Now I am waiting to finish my Sun Blanket project but this blanket is a lot bigger – as big as a double bed.

If you would like to see my journey – although there are only two blog posts about it please do check them below:

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One Comment

  • Jennifer

    Your blanket is beautiful! Good call to stop when it reached the right size, mine is getting a bit too big now, it’s a massive project! It’s really lovely, you should be so proud of it 🙂

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