You can be as happy as you want to be

There are almost four years since we moved back home and little by little we are making our life here more comfortable. For now some might say that our house its still quite small for our needs but we are quite happy here.

Quite a change in my attitude huh? Well, I realised that you can only be as happy as you want you want to be. Of course I still have my down periods, who doesn’t? Being a single married parent can be quite hard as I don’t have that continuous support from my husband. Trying to fit everything in one day – working from home, school runs, cleaning up and washing dishes can all be very daunting some days.

Plus, we still have a lot of renovation work ahead of us. We are actually renovating our fence and putting a new gate at the moment but on the long term we still have to transform our garage in some more living space for when the girls will grow older and maybe have some space for a business there too. We have to make sure we can take care of our girls at least until they will be 18 and decide to move from here.

I mean now since the Brexit and terrorist events we really think that it’s probably better for the girls to live here in my hometown rather than in the big London.

I still keep London very closely to my heart though…and I miss it a lot too! But that was my life before I was a mother. We all have to make our sacrifices don’t we?

How are we going to achieve it all though? Thankfully now we are both working in some way – my husband travelling everywhere and me from home. We are not making a huge amount of money but we still managed to save enough to  buy a car and to start with the fence renovations. But there’s a lot of work to do still and sometimes I am afraid it will just take to long and we will just need to put a stop in our plans or reconsider our plans. Sometimes I think that maybe we should just borrow some money like other people do. Maybe one cheap unsecured loan will be quite good as we will have less interest to repay each month unlike the credit card we are still repaying from 5 years ago…

However, I strongly believe that we can make our own happiness as long as we are still here and healthy. I mean as long as we can still work and all there’s nothing there to stop us! We have to do what we need to do in order to achieve our little perfect house. For us is still our HOME.

What do you think?


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