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    Heavy heart

    Been feeling like this for a few days now and I can’t shake it off. I sat down a couple of times as I wanted to start writing because I thought that maybe writing will help me understand why I feel like this… I should actually be happy rather than sad and heavy hearted. I successfully pasted my heretic part of my driving test with the highest score and I should just have some faith in myself but I don’t. I feel useless and like nothing I do is done properly…Keep thinking at the practical side of the driving test and already started to feel that I might actually fail…

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    This is how I felt today when I walked again where I use to walk so often with you. I felt emotional and powerless. The last time I came to visit you was over 6 years ago. I know I know…you probably never imagined that I will be the one to do such a thing. There are no excuses really…I just wanted to protect myself somehow… I thought that maybe if I didn’t come to see that you are not really there anymore…you will still be alive in my thoughts. And you are. I always think of you…and recently I started to tell my girls more about you. About you and…

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    We all wish for days filled with sunshine. We think that our day will be better if the sun is up. I tell you what though…instead of getting yourself wrapped up into everyday and decide our mood depending on the weather why don’t you just take a second to look into our children eyes? You will know then that there is nothing better than the world saw through a child eyes. My youngest wakes up in the morning and laughs! She even start saying: “Wake up mummy!” I love the way she starts her day…and I wish I could start my day the same no matter what I have to…

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    Life as a married single parent

    Two years since we started this lifestyle and the questions are still asked… How do you manage parenting two girls all by yourself? Don’t you miss your husband? Don’t they miss their father? etc… etc… Of course we miss daddy and of course days can get really difficult single parenting but thankfully we have ways to survive through. I thought that would be nice to share my tips with you today and maybe there are women like me out there that need a little bit of help. Embrace your life Try and be as positive as you can. Look for the benefits in the situation and make the most of it.…

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    Living Arrows #4

    This last week both girls have been kind of ill so unlike the other week we spent quite a lot of time indoors. The weather is kind of nasty anyway…cold…and rainy…not really the kind of day you would take your kids out really… But it didn’t matter. We had fun. The only place I took my eldest during the week was her Zumba classes. I know I did mention them before but I never show you pictures from her class did I?   Although she can’t really follow all the steps her teacher does she loves doing zumba and I am happy to see her smiling and enjoying herself. And…

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    #GiveThanksThursday #1

    Today I am joining in with a new linky hosted by Michelle at Mummy from the Heart – one of the most beautiful people I know. The linky is called #GiveThanksThursday – so basically if you would also like to join in all you have to do is to write a post and express your gratitude towards  something , someone …anything you like really.   So today I am grateful for the people that love me so much – my husband, my girls, my parents, my sister, my friends. I know that I am not always the best person. I know that sometimes I am moany and I complain a lot. I…

  • sometimes
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    Sometimes the days are flying fast Sometimes time is on repeat Sometimes I long for you Sometimes I just don’t want you Sometimes I feel your arms around me Sometimes I feel you’re gone…forever… Sometimes I’m happy Sometimes I’m sad Sometimes I laugh Sometimes I cry Sometimes I long for you Sometimes I don’t… Sometimes you come Sometimes you go… Sometimes I love you Sometimes I don’t.,, Do you?