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    Easy Scones Recipe

    Cold weather,hot tea and scones…the perfect combination don’t you think? I remember the first time i saw the words “Tea cake” in the window of a cafe and i asked my hubby what they are. He just too my hand and sat me in and ordered them. Since then i fell in love with the idea and of course the scones. I like them simple with a bit of jam. Since then i always wanted to make them but only about a week ago i finally give it a go. Ingredients for about 16 scones: 4 cups of plain flour 6 tsp of baking powder 1 pinch of salt 2/3…

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    Capture the colour by Kara

    When i first heard about the Capture the colour competition i thought: Wow how cool! Kara loves taking pictures and i am sure she would absolutely love to explore her surroundings and take pictures. She did but not as much as i thought and because the cold weather came faster than i thought the opportunities of good pictures were less and less. I wanted to still enter and then every day i would remind her that she needs to take pictures with the colours of the rainbow. First reaction was to get excited but then she would get upset and say that she doesn’t have anything to take pictures with…So…

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    Development and video time with Baby A

    Lots happened in the last couple of weeks with Anastasia. She turned 9 months on the 2nd of September and since then her development went sky high. She started to sit on her knees a lot better, she started to crawl a lot better – there are moments when i have to almost run to get to her, she laughs so soundly and she really knows what play is. Many times even she initiate the play with her sister and me.¬†She even plays very nicely by herself these days. I put her a plastic box full of toys only for her in our living room and she spends lots of…

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    #Instahuntaug – my favourites

    At some point during the month of august i joined an instagram challenge started by the lovely Cat Parrott –  #instahuntaug. It’s been lovely to take part and to check out the others pictures. Here are my favourite entries: I would love to do it again and maybe next time i will manage to tick all the boxes as per Cat’s challenge.

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    Loving Pinterest

    Around three years ago when i started blogging a new and exciting social media platform was launching as well – Pinterest! But what is Pinterest exaclty? Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing the things you love. You can pin things from around the web and make yourself a collection of boards that can contain several links to things you love, to things you might love to have or even ideas and designs for your home. As a blogger i love Pinterest because i can pin all the posts i write – espeacially the ones about cooking. More even since i start using Pinterest (and that is 3 years…

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    Milk chocolate cheesecake

    I’ve been in quite a mood for cooking and making cake this last weekend. Over the time I tried and developed this recipe for milk chocolate cheesecake. I remember that the first time I used dark chocolate but my husband and my daughter found it a bit too strong – chocolaty. But if you like chocolate – like me – add the darkest chocolate you can find. Ingredients: 150g digestive biscuits – Sainsbury’s own 45g butter melted – Sainsbury’s own 100 g caster sugar 120ml whipping cream 150g milk chocolate, melted and cooled 2 tablespoons cocoa powder mixed with a little hot water 1 tub cream cheese – Sainsbury’s own…