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    Ideal Places for Family Vacations

    If you are planning to take your children on vacation with you in the near future, the list of destinations you should consider will be very different than if you were taking a vacation with your significant other. When children will be along for the ride, you need to be sure that they are adequately entertained. Otherwise, you could be setting yourself up for some serious problems, and some very disappointed children. Therefore, you will need to do some planning to make sure you choose a destination that has family friendly entertainment, but also keeps the adults interested as well. There are many websites you can use to find a…

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    Tips for a stress free journey with kids

    This year was the first time I experienced travelling by plane with two kids. Back in March we flew to Paris but my husband was with me so supposedly things were a little bit easier. This june I done it all by myself – just me and two kids: a 31 month old and a 6 years old. I must confess that both time I was really worried but it end up being a lot better than I expected. And believe me it was pretty hard especially on the way back from UK as my youngest was full of an eczema from a penicillin allergy. Things are a little bit…

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    6 Easter UK Breaks on Budget

    Easter is a great time to get away for a week or so. With the weather finally warming up (fingers crossed!) and the wonderful bank holidays to enjoy as well as the kids being off school, it is the perfect time to go out and see a bit more of the UK. Britain has some wonderful destinations which don’t require you to part with a small fortune in order to enjoy them. Here are some picks of the best places to visit this Easter. Culture in Liverpool Liverpool has been enjoying a renaissance of late. Since it’s Capital of Culture success in 2008, the city on Merseyside has gone from…

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    Malaga’s Best Adventure Parks

    Have you booked a holiday to Malaga this year with your family? You wouldn’t be alone, as this is one of the most popular destinations on the Costa Del Sol for family getaways. Combining sun, sea, urban buzz and plenty of fun activities, a holiday to Malaga has something for everyone. Kids, and parents, will be delighted to hear that the area is home to some of Spain’s best adventure parks, all within driving distance of the city centre: Tivoli World Malaga This bright amusement park located in Benalmadena can be easily reached by train, car or even bus from Malaga and is well worth the visit. This is probably a full day out for…

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    Popeye Village with Kids

    Family holidays in Malta are all about sun, sand, sea and taking it real easy. But when the kids get restless (shortly after breakfast time is not uncommon) it falls upon the selfless parent to look for fun activities to keep them amused. If you are looking for a super day out that will make the kids say “Oh buoy!” then Popeye Village is the place for you. Situated in beautiful Anchor Bay, near the popular resort town of Mellieha, this former film set turned theme park is bound to keep everybody happy. But you’d better pack a decent supply of spinach as you’ll be in for a busy day. As you…

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    Your Guide to the Best Traditional Austrian Cuisine on Your Ski Holiday

    Snow sports require a lot of physical strength. Taking a balanced diet and drinking plenty of fluids are essential on a ski holiday, along with the occasional treat of course. Austria is an extremely popular ski destination and has plenty of delicious and nutritious food to offer its guests! We all know that it is important to get off to a great start with a healthy breakfast. Most ski chalets in Austria serve healthy continental breakfasts to help boost your energy before hitting the ski slopes. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated! Take a light lunch if you plan to ski in the afternoon; if you…