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    My baby girl is not longer a baby

      You! You are an amazing little lady! Today you officially finished Year 1 here in Romania! You make me feel so proud! And like your teacher was saying a couple of months ago you are a spectacle! Although I had doubts about you handling school here after spending only one year in Romania two years ago you just proved that you are an amazing, clever child! You’ve done better than just handling school. You have amazing grades for a child that did’t even know how to speak properly in Romanian because she was still only thinking in English. You even have better grades than some of your colleagues that…

  • Wedding in Bucharest
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    Sisters in June – travelling by train and a wedding in Bucharest

    Almost a month since I last wrote on this blog…Time moves way to fast at the moment and I seem unable to face it. Husband was home for the last three weeks as well and we’ve been quite busy doing things but I still feel like I didn’t achieve anything. My sister was here for a couple of weeks too before my husband arrived so there wasn’t so much time for blogging I guess. We spent a lot of time together and because my husband had to work every day and my eldest had to be in school Monday – Friday we didn’t actually go away for long. We did…

  • Sisters{May}
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    Sisters {May}

    My dearest daughters, Watching you smile makes me realise how beautiful my life is. I love you both so much. How can I regret being here with you when the life you offer me is so full happiness? No matter where you go in life or who you grow up to be, I’ll always be right here, standing behind you… encouraging you both to live your dreams despite all. I know sometimes I get upset and like any other parent I scream at you…but please do understand…I am also growing and understanding. Nobody just knows how to be a parent. We all have to learn how to. And as you…

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    We made a bird house

    Well..not me exactly…the girls and their daddy. I just snapped some pictures really. It was a while ago so they are all really well dress as you can observe from the pics. Daddy built the house out of thin wood – not sure how that exact type of wood is called and they all painted it together. They used some of the acrylic paint that mummy makes sure she always has around the house. They wanted to make sure that they will rise colours that little birdies will approve with so they chose light green for the bottom of the house and light blue for the top and the edges…

  • Beach
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    A Day out in Constanta, Romania

    We are very fortunate to live really close to the seaside and every now and then – more often in the summer – we drive there for a day out or more. This is what we’ve done the second day of Easter. It was a great day – very relaxed and filled with activities. The sun was up so we all walked along side the beach. The girls loved watching the waves splashing on the rocks and the seagulls flying and  hunting for fishes. We even went down below at the beach and throw little sea shells into the water – this was Anastasia’s favourite activity. It was hard to…

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    Sisters {April}

    Almost two weeks since I last wrote here and a month since my husband went back to UK for work and things seem to be busier than ever. The girls were busy at school/nursery and outside of it and I just seem to be bouncing from one thing to another. But I guess this is what life is when you have kids. Now however spring break has started officially and they will be home with me for the next two weeks. I really don’t have anything scheduled but I am hoping that as soon as this stinking cold that I have will go away to go away on same day…

  • Sisters {March}
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    Sisters {march}

    There are truly no words to describe my love for my two girls. They are my world and the reason why I go on. Like any person suffering of depression my days are sometimes harder to get through but because of my two girls I continue to fight surviving it and go on.   I am considering myself very lucky that I can work from home and be here for my girls 24/7 – it’s what the joy of blogging brings to me. My girls are now 7 and 3 and the bond between them grows more and more. Although their characters are so different – my eldest is rather…