• Egg Carton Christmas Tree
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    Make Egg Carton Christmas Trees

      At the beginning of the month I was showing you our egg carton caterpillars and I said that we also made some Christmas trees. Well is not yet december but thought that is time to show you our craft.   Supplies: egg carton green and red paint pipe cleaners brushes scissors Instructions: If you plan to let your kids cut the cartoons and they are quite young like mine (under 7) are then you should cut the little “cups” yourself. You can of course let them do the rest alone. Using the end of your scissors make little holes on the top of each “cup”; Let your kids go wild…

  • Make an egg carton caterpillar

    Make Egg Carton Caterpillars

    What else can two kids do at home, besides watching cartoon, on a day when the weather is really bad? If your parents will let you than you can paint or craft. A day when it just rained and rained was last week so my girls insisted that we do some crafting. As I wanted something easy to do that both girls with enjoy I thought we should try making caterpillars. Both girls were really happy about it and quite keen to get dirty♥. As I wasn’t very sure on how to make one I searched the internet and I found one very easy step-by-step guide on Wikihow. Our caterpillars were…

  • Christmas Tree
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    Keep your kids entertained this Christmas

    During the Christmas holidays is the time when your children are most energetic – they have a tendency to run around from the minute they wake to the minute they fall asleep. Believe it or not, it is actually during the school holidays that children cost parents the most amount of money – and not due to their desire for more toys. On average children cost their parents £2,000 a year in damages to the home by the time they reach the age of ten years old. This cost is calculated by the amount of wallpaper is torn off, walls written on and carpets ripped – having children can be…

  • Christmas Cards
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    Christmas Tree Cards

      If you were watching my instagram or Facebook timeline last night you saw that my eldest and I were making these fab Christmas tree cards. So simple to make but they look so good. Materials: – A4 colored cardboard/paper (thicker); – glittery foam with glue on the back; – cookie christmas tree shape; – scissors; – pencil; Fold and cut the A4 sheets in two and then fold the cut pieces of card board again in two just like a card. Using the pencil trace the shape of the christmas cookie on the back of the glittery foam. The glittery foam is supposed to have a paper on the…

  • TP Favor Boxes
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    TR Favour Boxes

    I have to tell you all if you didn’t know already that my favourite social media platform at the moment is Pinterest – it is so visual and I take a lot of inspiration from it. This is what happened when I found the below Pin: These are the materials we used: TP rolls wash tape – I had two designs: the geometrical one and the silver one; glittery foam – cut in the shapes you like: hearts, rounds etc. I think that the images are explaining the craft but f you have any other questions please let me know. These are great as jewellery boxes for little kids don’t you…

  • Name Wall Decoration
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    Simple name wall decoration

    Ever since my eldest started to write her own name everywhere she also started to wish to have her name written in some way on her bedroom wall. So when I visited the local stationary shop and found this fab glittery cartoon with glue on the back I immediacy thought about my daughter wish. But how exactly should I do it? As you know I am not very good at crafting things so had to ask for my mum’s help. First I thought that we should cut out the letters out of simple cartoon and the cover them with the glittery one. But then we realised that we could just…

  • Handmade Book Sign
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    Craft with Washi Tape: Pencils and Book Signs

    I had some wash tape sitting in my crafty box for a while now and as my eldest started school this month I wanted to both do something with it. And we did. So as I love Pinterest and there is a lot of inspiration there we chose to decorate some plain pencils I bought for school and some book signs.   Materials for pencils: plain pencils coloured washy tape – your preferred designs pom poms scissors glue gun Simply stick the washy tape at the end of the pencils. Here Kara chose and stick them all by herself. I used a glue gun to stick the pom pons.  …